Covid-19 Update March 18

To best support the prescribed practices of social distancing while still serving patients and clients in need of care we are changing our hours of operations. We will be checking in with all patients/clients about their upcoming appointments.

Our practitioners will be available for those patients seeking care for conditions or symptoms that will worsen without continued treatment. To minimize the number of people in our clinic at any given time our practitioners will hold clinic hours on the following days to provide care.

Dr. Ken Budgell will be available on Mondays and Thursdays.

Dr. Erin Hoffe will be available on Fridays.

Judy Batten will be available on Wednesdays.

This schedule will remain in place until April 6th but may extend further if warranted. In addition to these changes we will continue the following precautions. If you have travelled out of province in the last 2 weeks, feel any cold or flu symptoms or have been in recent contact with people who have please contact us to reschedule your appointment. There is no penalty for cancelling an appointment if you feel the onset of cold or flu symptoms, please just email to let us know.

During your visit please make an effort to arrive on time rather than early or feel free to wait in your car if you are early. All patients are welcome to use our washroom to wash their hands before and after their visit. We will be allowing time between visits to clean our tables, equipment and surfaces.