Covid-19 Update April 1st

With the ongoing closure of most businesses and facilities in the province the St. John’s Back Pain Clinic will remain closed until we are given clearance to re-open. Our first priority once we re-open will be to get in touch with all of our patients and clients to help them resume treatment as soon as possible.

It is very challenging as a practitioner to be unable to provide care for our valued patients and clients. We trust that the approach put in place by our healthcare leaders is absolutely necessary and in the best interest of the people of our province and country. Please do everything you can to follow their guidance. Stay home except for essentials like medication and food, keep 2 meters social distance, avoid public gatherings of any size, wash your hands often and stick to national and provincial health authorities for accurate information.

Health Canada

Government of Newfoundland and Labrador

Hang in there and stay safe from Aleasha, Carmela, Erin, Judy and Ken.