Dr. Ken Budgell

A back pain focused chiropractor
in central St. John's with a strong
emphasis on function & rehab.

St. John’s Back Pain Clinic

We know how bodies work. We know how injuries happen. We know how to assess them, treat them and help them heal. As a specialized health clinic we’re right at home in the heart of St. John’s. With a focus on back pain and a strong knowledge of the entire bodies anatomy, biomechanics and injury mechanisms we are able to deliver an accurate diagnosis with an effective plan. Combining effective therapies like Chiropractic care, Massage therapy and rehabilitation offers the greatest defense against an out of control injury.

Recent Blog post

There's nothing wrong with your…

A phrase used regularly by many health professionals and generally rejected by patients with a problem. There’s nothing wrong with your back, neck, shoulder, knee etc. Chances are if you’re in their office you know that something is wrong. My advice on this one after hearing countless patients tell me their own “There’s nothing wrong” […]