Pain is how your body tells your there is a problem. You should not ignore the problem, push through those warning signs or try to regularly recreate them. People generally adapt a few strategies for pain. They completely avoid pain even if that pain is a subtle pinch or stretch. We’ll call this a pain avoidance strategy. On the other end of the spectrum there are people who complete ignore or push through their pain. This we’ll call a pain ignorance strategy. Those two strategies generally lead to poor outcomes. The best results come from somewhere in the middle where some pain is acceptable and significant or long lasting pain is avoided this one we’ll describe as a pain guidance strategy.

Follow a pain guidance strategy as you work to fix your back. Accept that a little pain is acceptable if you would describe it as mild pain and has a short lifespan. Similarly as you move let pain act as a guide keeping you away from position, movements or loads that create moderate to intense pain or pain  of any intensity that lasts more than a few seconds.