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Basics of gym strength training

This is a conversation I have regularly with people who are experienced with strength training at a typical gym (Goodlife, the Works, MAX, reps etc). They’re picking exercises they feel they can execute safely and correctly but aren’t sure how to organize their workout, sets, reps, etc. Here are some key points that I try […]

Shovel Right, Shovel Light

Most people warn that shoveling to hard will give you a heart attack. While that risk is present the most common result of snow shoveling is a sprain or strain injury and it affects more people than you’d expect. Here are some tips to better prepare you for that next day in the driveway. Shoveling […]

Vacation time

We have two excellent Registered Massage Therapists at the St. John’s Back Pain Clinic. One of our therapists, Crystal North will be on an extended holiday until September 22nd, 2014. Judy Batten will be continuing her usual hours during that time and is happy to see any of Crystal’s existing clients. Feel free to call […]

My strength training is cardio

I’ve had this conversation with numerous patients. We talk about the need for strength development and their response is “I go to the gym already”. I ask them to describe their work out and its something along these lines “20 minutes on the treadmill, 20 minutes on the elliptical and 10 minutes on the stepper”. […]

Heat or ice for back pain

This may be the most common question that comes up during a new patient visit. So doc, should I use ice or heat on my back when it hurts? My answer, with consideration of the literature that has been published over the last few decades, my clinical experience and the understanding of patient preferences is […]

Updated: Snowfall Warning for January 29, 2014

3:00 PM: We will be closing the clinic at 5pm. Those will appointments after 5pm will be contacted personally to reschedule. The storm should clue up overnight and we will be operating as usual tomorrow, January 30th. The roads are slick and a heavier snowfall is expected after 4pm. Drive safe. 11:00 AM: Skies are […]

The Canoe

Think about this situation and what you might do differently. John loves to go fishing in his canoe. He’s got a great canoe. Lately when he launches his canoe it rubs on a few jagged rocks coming on and off the water. At first he didn’t see the wear, now he can see the worn […]

Strength is essential: part 1

Strength is an essential part of staying healthy. Having a better understand of how your body becomes and stays strong can help you stay healthy. In the first part on our series on strength we’ll look at how your body adapts to become stronger. Strong Enough Our physiology demands that we conserve energy and resources. […]

A simplified balance

Talk to a nutritionist and their most simplified approach to weight loss is that if the calories you use up exceed the calories you take in you’ll lose weight. Flip that equation and you’ll gain weight. Often you can simplify injuries to this level as well. Every activity places a certain level of demand on […]

Joint Alignment

In my experience most patients are inherently aware of this concept before they ever set foot in my office. There is also a very large contingent of doctors and therapists who don’t appreciate or understand the importance of joint alignment. The feeling of misalignment At some point in your life (maybe your day) your knee, […]