As an clinical honors graduate from the world renowed Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College Dr. Ken Budgell has gained a wealth of knowledge on human anatomy, neurology, injury mechanics and treatments. In practice he has successfully treated countless muscle and joint injuries using a very simple philosophy:

“Treating an injury without an accurate diagnosis is like fishing with dynamite. Sure you’ll see some changes on the surface but you’ll have no idea what has happened underneath.”

Dr. Budgell and many of his Chiropractic colleagues have brought their diagnostic skills to a level second only to surgeons and specialists. That diagnosis is based a a deep understanding of the connections between your movements, strength and flexibility, joint mobility and specific orthopedic testing.

A diagnosis of your injury guides his treatment plan. With a variety of safe, effective, research based treatments Dr. Budgell focuses on getting you as close as possible to how you felt before the injuries while giving you the understanding and tools to help you prevent re-injury. Treatments with Dr. Budgell are one on one, blending hands on treatments like muscle release and joint adjustments with active therapies like rehabilitation exercises and flexibility training.

A little more about Ken

Outside of practice Ken is a pretty active guy. Having grown up with gymnastics as his main sport he has continued in the sport he loves and coaches provincial to national levels athletes at Campia Gymnastics. Most mornings he enjoys weight training or running on the many trails in St. John’s. To round out his sporting life he’s part of the growing ultimate frisbee movement and a long time rock climber.





Clinic Hours:

Monday 9am – 3pm

Tuesday 11am – 6pm

Wednesday 9am – 3pm

Thursday 11am – 6pm

Friday 9am – 3pm